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Title: New perspectives on bracing and cabling systems

Abstract of presentation:

Bracing and cabling systems are two solutions to prevent or consolidate the mechanical strength of a tree or one of its parts. The objective is to maintain the integrity of a tree, protect the surrounding property and/or people, and reduce the associated risks.

However, these cabling and bracing systems require regular checks and the management of these inspections for releasing or replacing cabling systems have become unmanageable.

This has become particularly complicated since the 1990s with the introduction of « non invasive » systems, which appeared easy to install and less expensive than the « old systems ».

The solution of a system to limit the mobility of the branches must always be carefully considered, approaching each situation clinically.

Modern mixed systems integrate drilling techniques with newer static but flexible systems by deploying newer materials.

Also, a modern approach to risk assessment methods allows for objective risk assessment and a reduction in the number of systems deployed.

The different bracing systems will be compared and critiqued, in order to understand their interests and limitations, and to raise the possibilities for further development.

This presentation don’t claim to be exhaustive or true, but simply aims to encourage some reflection on the advantages and disadvantages of each system, based on current scientific evidence and technical advances but also on my observations and experience.
The singularity of each situation must push us to imagine new solutions in an evidence-based clinical approach.


After few years as an arborist climber, I completed the Atelier de l’Arbre (William Moore) and Ceiba (Philippe Trouillet) trainings courses. In 2018, I created the Arbres and Solutions consultancy to provide consultations on tree management.

At the same time, after several experiences in France and around the world, I have developed a speciality in cabling systems. In this discipline, I do solutions, installations, management and, theoretical and technical trainings.

I’m working in a new paradigmatic approach of arboriculture, based on clinical and evidence-based approach, favoring the environment and ecosystems through a methodological and reasonable risk management of trees.