Jaroslava Smerdova

Title: Adbian (Advanced Biomechanical Analysis) of trees, case studies + future potential

Abstract of presentation: Urban trees provide a range of ecological benefits, including improving air quality, reducing urban heat island effects, and mitigating climate change. However, to make informed decisions about tree management, it is essential to have precise data on tree health and stability. In this presentation, we will discuss the value and irreplaceability of urban trees and the importance of precise data measurement when assessing tree stability.

We will present case studies that demonstrate how the use of Adbian (Advanced Biomechanical Analysis), a software tool that calculates the biomechanical stability of trees using LiDAR scans and acoustic tomography, can change the decisions of tree removal. We will show how Adbian works in practice, including how to collect the necessary data using a smartphone, and how to use the software to make informed decisions about tree management.

By demonstrating the practical applications of Adbian, we hope to inspire tree experts, arborists, and municipalities to adopt more data-driven approaches to tree management, preserving and enhancing the ecological benefits of urban trees for future generations.

Biography: Jaroslava Smerdova graduated in journalism and media studies at the Faculty of Social Studies at Masaryk University. During her studies, she worked as an external contributor for the all-Slovak weekly magazine Slovo, as well as a call center supervisor where she gained experience as a coach and trainer. Since 2007, she has been working as a freelancer in adult education. Her work experience has always been associated with people, their leadership or coaching. At ARBO Technologies, she works with arborists to integrate Adbian into their practice and supports the sales of the application to the public sector.