Āris Jansons


2nd day: “Future of intensive forestry: aesthetics and biodiversity in urban and peri-urban forests”

2nd day: “Fire hazard in urban forests”

Abstract of presentation

Future of intensive forestry: aesthetics and biodiversity in urban and peri-urban forests

Forests provide a variety of ecosystem services. Segregation at the landscape (forest massive) scale is commonly used to ensure the presence of these various services.

Our presentation will focus on a different approach – integration of different management goals at a stand scale. We will demonstrate examples of climate-smart forestry, simultaneously considering both adaptation to climate change and climate change mitigation. Recommendations to ensure aesthetic value in forest management will be provided based on large-scale surveys in Latvia. Also, preservation of  biodiversity elements will be discussed based on case studies at a stand scale, as well as results of green infrastructure development project.

Fire hazard in urban forests

Forest fires are increasingly more common across Europe, threatening properties and lives as well as causing environmental and economic damage. Fire prevention as well as post-fire management (to avoid damages from falling fire-affected trees) are essential to minimize potential negative effects.

The presentation will cover the spatial and temporal distribution of forest fires in Latvia. We will briefly reflect on forest fire history, causes, and consequences of forest fires. Changes in fire occurrence and severity in future will be covered. Effect of fire on tree growth as well as indicators to predict post-fire survival of trees will be demonstrated based on long-term research in Latvia.

Biography: Āris Jansons – director of Ph.D. program Forest Sciences, senior researcher, professor. Lead auditor of forest management (FSC, PEFC). Member of the board of two Forest sector research companies. Research focuses on forest adaptation, natural disturbances (primarily wind and fire), resilience, climate-smart forestry.